The story of the smart village

ÔÇťThe power of a community stays in its membersÔÇŁ

This project is a nice story unwritten yet. It is a book, with the pages still white, and we are inviting you to write it together. Actually it is our own life and we invite you to live it in the healthiest way. The smart village prolongs   life in an active and entertaining way. The project is addressed to the peoples who value the healthy life.

satulinteligent (48)Did you ever ask yourself ÔÇťWhat I can offer myself in life?ÔÇŁ or ÔÇťHow could I avoid the stress, busy traffic, unhealthy life and other troubles caused by the life into a flat apartment located in a busy town?ÔÇŁ

The smart village is a project started from the desire and necessity (especially in our days) to have a nice life, active, healthy and more that all natural. Natural life means o life in the middle of nature, not in an artificial one, an environment with green spaces, not grey, with tasty food, not with chemicals, with natural juices, not carbonated, with fresh air, not with pollution, with hard working, active and funny neighbors, not with sad ones.

This is why the first location for the project was selected in Dambovita County, a suitable place where we want to coordinate the construction of this village and to manage the creation of a community of people with the desire to have a better life for them, a life with healthy food like in the past and with hobbies like in the present.

satulinteligent (29)It is our life and we have only one. We launch the invitation to everybody who wants to be part of the first Smart Village.

Live in 10 years as in an entire life. Do you want to obtain health?

The smart village prolongs the life in an active and entertaining way.

Are you thinking that you will be able to live without worries and smiling? We did and we wish to build a place where this can be real.