Survey “What do you expect from the Smart Village Project”?

We are kindly asking you to complete this survey in order to better understand your expectations from the Smart Village project. Your opinion is very important to us. Thank you!

*all the fields are mandatory 


    18 -2525 - 3535 - 5050+

    1. Would you like to be part of a new revolutionary project?


    2. Have you heard before about the Smart Village project?

    YesNoI don't know

    3. Would you like to live in a place where you can truly enjoy life and be fully satisfied of the service provided in your area?

    YesNoI don't know

    4. If you were to live on a house with courtyard, how big would you like the courtyard to be?

    400 square meter800 square meter1 000 square meter

    5. How many rooms would the ideal house have?

    1-2 rooms2-3 rooms4-5 rooms

    6. If you were part of a community whose purpose is true happiness of the inhabitants, how many hours would you be available to work per day for the community?

    10 hours / week ( 2 hours / day)20 hours / week ( 4 hours / day)40 hours / week ( 8 hours / day)

    7. Assuming that you are part of the Smart Village community, would you also want to buy shares for the companies that will run the community?

    I am not interested in entrepreneurshipI want to have my own businessI want a passive income

    8. If you were to have a house 100% eco that offers you all the comfort and the facilities you need, how much would you be available to invest in such a project?

    from 95.000 eurosfrom 125.000 eurosfrom 130.000 euros

    9. Which style would you like your house to be?

    Brancovenesc styleMaramuresean styleNeoromanesc Style

    10. What options and resource would the ideal house have?

    11. Describe in a few words the ideal house from the Smart Village:

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