How is functioning the smart village

The village is composed by houses which will be purchased from the future habitants together with the plots of land around them. These houses will be dimensioned strictly according with the financial possibilities and requirements of the habitant. The dimensions range will start from 40-50 sq usable area , one level houses with court yard of 300-400 sq, and will rich at 150-200 sq usable area, two levels houses with court yard of 1,000 sq.

All will have the court yard all around, a country appearance integrated into the village architecture, will be provided with all the facilities of a modern house, with installations capable to function with zero consumption and in an unforeseen situation, with back-up at the urban utilities networks.

The traffic roads will be very wide and the services facilities will be strategically placed to allow an easier access for each habitant.

The maintenance and the repairs will be ensured surcharged by paying a reasonable fee to a maintenance company. Among the shareholders of this company will be villagers who are willing to invest in this. The security of the village will be ensured in the same way.

In the proximity of the village will be located an agricultural farm. Among the shareholders will be also villagers who are willing to invest. In this farm the employers could also be the villagers. The incomes of the farm will come from the sale of the products to the stores from the village or to the bio profile stores all over the country.

Each habitant will be involved into a healthy program. The program will be personified and will run into the classic and alternative treatment centers from the village. In connection with this program will run another with sports activity for health maintenance in the sport halls from the village. The operating principles of these centers will be the same as maintenance and Entertaining will be done in spaces where the interested people will benefit from aromatherapy and therapy with animals.

In the middle of the village will be a park dedicated for entertaining purposes and also for sport activities.

The social life of the habitants will be improved due to the relationships that occurs when the habitants are practicing the activities described above but also due to a tourism company that will organize tours and other social activities.

In order to put all these organizational items together and in harmony will be implemented an amount of rules and principles of good cohabitation based exclusively of the idea of respect, decency and equality between all members. The goal is to make the people to understand that they are living in a more secure environment than in others places.