Demo layout version

The layout of the village depends upon the requirements of the future villagers. The real plan could be done only when will occur the effective requirements. Entire project is a personalized one.

To have a better understanding we will show you a simplified version with the following particularities:

  • Location: Dambivita County, 66 km far from Bucharest, in the proximity of an existing village, in an exceptional natural setting seeming to be made especially for a such project;
  • Land: The type project represent the arrangement of a square shape area of approx. 49 ha;

Houses type:

  • House, ground floor only, built area 70 sq and usable area 60 sq. It has a porch of 20 sq.
  • House, ground floor only, built area 100 sq and usable area 86 sq. It has a porch of 28 sq.

On request other sizes can be achieved with larger and higher houses but with a similar style.

  • Plots for the houses:
    • Plot for the house of 70 built sq: 22 x 19 m = 418 sq;
    • Plot for the house of 100 built sq: 31,6 x 31,6 m= 1,000 sq;
  • Traffic routes:
    • Interior streets with 2 lanes 10 m wide;
    • Streets in the central area and on the perimeter with 2 lanes 12 m wide;
    • Sidewalks 2,4 m wide;
  • Central park, total surface approximately 22,500 sq;
  • Four services areas (medical offices, pharmacies, conference rooms, shops, kindergarten, school, etc.);
  • In the proximity will be placed an agricultural farm, a church and a cemetery.

For example we attached a layout plan and the plan view drawings of the two types of houses mentioned above.